Here at Amazon Creek a very import part of our ethos is to ensure we are doing what we can in supporting our local communities. In doing so this helps us to provide unrivalled experiences to our clients.

As part of our mission to support our local communities as best we can this year, we are showcasing a selection of local artwork through-out our Luxury chalets in Chamonix. By creating a gallery style selection of local pieces through-out the chalets we aim to create a unique environment for our guests to enjoy these amazing pieces, while also providing a great space for artists to showcase their works.

This project will be ongoing with the aim of adding and replacing artworks to create a revolving showcase of all the best local talent.

As well as all the artwork on display being for sale all these incredible artists would be delighted to discuss commissioning special pieces just for you. You can find details of the current artists and the artwork we are showcasing here.

Artist: Melanie Davis

Profile: Melanie is a local artist based in Les Houches. Melanie takes her inspiration from Chamonix Mont Blanc, Glaciers, Crevasses, Snow, Ski-ing and Mountains. 


Oil on canvas/ Huile sur toile - 30 x 90 cm - 220€

It’s Deep in the Middle! / Il est Profond au le Centre ! 

Oil on canvas/ Huile sur toile - 30 x 90 cm - 280€

Torn Crevasse

Oil on canvas/ Huile sur toile - 40 x 40 cm - 200€

First Tracks

Oil on canvas/ Huile sur toile - 40 x 40 cm - 200€

Back to Black / Retour au Noir

Oil on canvas/ Huile sur toile - 30 x 90 cm - 280€

Lac Blanc

Oil on canvas/ Huile sur toile - 30 x 90 cm - 320€

Artist: Sylwia Pydych

Profile: Sylwia has always had a love for art, originally from Poland she graduated with a sculpture specialty from the art academy in Boulder, Colorado. Shortly after that she moved back to Europe to set off for travel and work in different countries. On her way through the countries she and her partner fell in love with Chamonix Mt.Blanc and here she connected her passion for art and skiing. After years and numerous adventures, she found herself buying a piece of land on the Greek Ionian Island Lefkada, re-building an old stone house and creating an plain-air art gallery in the abandoned village of Roupakias. This magical and inspiring place surrounded by forests of olive trees has since then become her creative space, giving her art a new momentum, nourished by the ubiquity of nature in all its forms. WEBSITE: Sylwia Pydych

Oda do mojego nosa

Ink, aquarelle, gold leaf - 50x70cm incl frame - €365

Melt In

Ink, aquarelle, gold leaf - 30x30cm incl frame - €365

In search of my poesie

Ink, aquarelle, gold leaf, pastel - 50x70cm incl frame - €1,250


She is a strange bird

Ink, aquarelle, pastel - 40x40cm including frame - €625



Ink, aquarelle, gold leaf, pastel - 50x70cm including frame - €1,250


Artist: Eleanor Clarkson

Profile:  Eleanor Clarkson is a self-taught artist from the UK, now living in France. Working mainly in oil, ink and spray-paint, mixing media as well as styles, she creates modern art by blending cool realism with colourful abstraction. When she first arrived in Chamonix her work reflected the awe she felt for the surrounding peaks and man’s relationship with the mountains. Creating vibrant studies of skiers and snowboarders in action slowly progressed into a love of portraiture. WEBSITE: Eleanor Clarkson

It Was a Good Day

Oil on canvas - 50 cm x 100 cm - € 1,400

Deep Turns

Oil on canvas - 41cm x 51 cm - € 1,100

Steep and Deep

Oil on canvas - 50cm x 60 cm - € 1,400


Oil on canvas - 100cm x 50 cm - € 1,200

In the Zone

Oil on canvas - 80cm x 30 cm - € 850


Oil on canvas - 50cm x 60 cm - € 1,200


Artist: Tom Hine

HINEink is a small design studio based in Chamonix, France. Run by Tom Hine, an artist and illustrator originally from Sheffield, England. Tom produces limited edition prints and original artworks, and from time to time takes on design projects for a range of clients. Taking inspiration from the natural world, his current surroundings, and life in the mountains. All his design work comes from traditional roots, pencil on paper, which then become hand inked illustrations before being made ready for print. He attempts to produce clean contemporary design work, trying to remember that less is often more. WEBSITE: Hienink

Original Landcape painting

Acrylic on fine-art paper, signed - Float mounted in 20mm oiled black walnut frame and finished with anti-reflective glass - €750


Original landscape painting

Acrylic on fine-art paper, signed. Framed with 20mm black profile and finished with standard float glass - €380

Original landscape

Acrylic on reclaimed wood. Box framed with 20mm solid oak                                               €550


Bear with birds

Available for order

Block mounted artworks: 60 x 60 - €210

Print: 60 x 60 - €90

Polar Bear

Available for order

Block mounted artworks: 90 x 50 - €240

Print: 70 x 50 - €80

Print: 90 x 50 - €120

Artist: Caroline Wheaten 

Caroline Wheaton has been painting and drawing for over thirty years now, although for much of that period, life in a corporate office made equal demands her my time. Now based in Chamonix and London, and able to work full-time as an artist, she works in a variety of media, keen to challenge herself and keep the appeal of her work fresh for new and varied audiences. WEBSITE: Chalet Art

Mont Blanc from the slopes of Le Tour

Acrylic on canvas (1200 x 1000) - €1,000

En Face du Mont Blanc

Acrylic on canvas (1200 x 1000) - €1,000

Le Boquetine

Acrylic on canvas (800 x 800) - €550

Aiguille Vert and Drus

Acrylic on canvas (500 x 600) - €275


Ink on paper (500 x 400) - €130

Ice Fall

Ink on paper (500 x 400) - €130

Lean In

Ink on paper (500 x 400) - €130


Acrylic on canvas (1000 x 700) - €600

Reclaimed Snowboards and Skis

Mont Blanc Glow - €200

Freeride Festival - €200


If you are a local artist or photographer and would like to collaborate with us, or if you would like further details on any of the pieces listed please get in touch HERE