How to choose the best 'luxury ski chalet' for you and your family.

With so much choice out there how do you know you have chosen the best 'luxury ski chalet' for you and your family and friends?

When choosing your 'luxury ski chalet' this season how do you know you've picked the right one? By following this fool proof plan for choosing your perfect chalet you are sure to avoid any disappointment on arrival. We know that finding something that suits everyone's needs can be tricky, especially if you have both adults and kids, skiers and non skiers to consider! 

1. Location, Location, Location

With so many ski resorts to choose from, making a decision which one is right for you can be an overwhelming task. Everyone has different ideas about which one is best, and this can depend on so many factors, from the range of ski school facilities on offer to the variety of nightlife options, and transfer time from the nearest airport!

Make a simple list of the main features you want in your ski resort:

Example list:

Within 1 hour transfer time from airport
Off piste / Glacier skiing available
Night life / Restaurants
Kids ski schools
Alternative winter activities

Make sure your chosen resort has enough on offer to keep everyone in your party happy (especially any non skiers and kids!)? Although traditional small ski resorts are still in high demand for an authentic alpine vacation, more and more people are looking for a winter vacation that offers a more! This is one of the reasons that Amazon Creek choose Chamonix as it's winter vacation destination.

Another major consideration to location will be your budget. From budget resorts in Bulgaria to the most expensive resorts in Switzerland and everything else in between make sure you are choosing a destination that is suitable for your bank balance, You may want to take into consideration not only accommodation costs but ski pass and equipment rental also. Take a look at these articles by The Telegraph on the 'Best Budget' and 'Most Expensive' ski resorts!

Making sure everyone is catered for and that your budget is accommodated should help you to narrow down the right resort for you, it may be hard to find the 'perfect' match so you will need to decide what your group values most!

2. Style

This is a simple decision do you like contemporary chalets with a mixture of steel and wood, and plenty of large panoramic windows or traditional alpine chalets filled with wood and traditional beam features. 

If your not sure why not take a look at our chalets, Chalet Dalmore and Chalet Amazon Creek to make a comparison!

Luxury Chalet Chamonix

Chalet Dalmore

Luxury Chalet Chamonix

Chalet Amazon Creek 

3. How many do you need to sleep?

This should be easy to determine, but don't forget to make sure the bedroom configurations work for you! The last thing you want is to arrive and have the kids unhappy that they have to share a bed, or you and your partner having to sleep in bunk beds! If you are a small group you may consider a shared chalet option, although we would always recommend your own private chalet for the ultimate ski holiday that is all about you!

4. Prioritise the must have facilities and Services!

Firstly decide what facilities essential and which are desirable. For most a 'Hot Tub' is a must but are you also looking for a sauna, hammam, or cinema room? Maybe you ultimate chalet include a gym and outdoor swimming pool? Once you have made a list of the must have facilities now you need to decide on the services you need. Are looking for a catered or self catered chalet, maybe you'd like breakfast only or a fully catered option to avoid having to lift a finger? 

Once you have made these decisions look at if you will benefit from a driver service, and if they offer a pre arrival concierge service to help you plan and organise your ski hire, lessons and passes!

6. Now you've found your perfect chalet get it booked before you miss out!

Now you know exactly what you want and you've found the perfect chalet for you, try to get a price with all the services you would like included upfront! Avoid operators that have every additional service as an add on as you might find that by the time you finish your enquiries the price you originally looked at has almost doubled. 

Happy searching!