When we think of a concierge service some of us may imagine a doorman in hat and tails, a desk service in hotels that will get you into the best night clubs in town or fill your room with rose petals for a romantic surprise, or perhaps as is more common in todays online world you are picturing an online service that will organise any and all of your needs? One thing that remains consistent throughout time is that the role of concierge has always been to provide a service to another, taking time consuming tasks and logistical problems off the hands of one person into another. 

One thing I am sure we can all also agree on is that concierge services are fixtures in the luxury travel and hotel arena, and those providing concierge services pride themselves in meeting the many and often numerous demands  a customer may desire... often going above and beyond to provide anything one may desire so long as it’s not illegal or unethical of course.

The concept of pre arrival and travel concierge is becoming more and more popular. With busy lives and a small world due to the internet we value the expertise of those more traveled than ourselves. Not only that but in the busy world we live in having someone else take the mundane tasks off our hands is invaluable. 

We take our concierge service very seriously at Amazon Creek and believe that no matter what our client’s needs and wishes are for their luxury vacation, retreat, or corporate event we can use our local expertise and connections to make anything possible. The art of a good concierge service we believe lies in anticipation and knowledge. Knowing our clients allows us to anticipate their needs and our extensive local knowledge means we can match the two things to build the perfect luxury adventure vacations and group events.

Here are our TOP FIVE reasons to take full advantage of our concierge services.


Whether you book self-catered, fully catered, or something in between, our expert concierge team is here to make your holiday as perfect as possible. Working seamlessly with your group or family, we can arrange everything you need in advance, so you have nothing left to do apart from unwind and enjoy. From the moment you get in touch, our office team will work with you to find out exactly what your group would like - from airport transfers, equipment hire, instructors, childcare, through to luxury services including 5-star private chefs, on call drivers and daily massages.

By learning your tastes and needs, this becomes a pro-active service, pre-empting your needs.


Who better to put your trust in to plan the perfect vacation than a team of people who are passionate about everything our handpicked locations have to offer! Our team is made up of local experts, who are on hand to personalise your stay and make suggestions to make your holiday truly memorable. Tap into our local knowledge and allow us to make suggestions of services and experiences to suit your group.

Why search blindly on the internet when you can ask for a personal recommendation from an expert with a huge book of contacts? This removes the unknown element and puts you in trusted hands.


This becomes especially important when you are planning a large multi-generational family event or group trip. Hand over the reigns to your personal concierge and let us do all the leg work. Planning for a holiday does not have to be hard work nor should it take up any of your precious time!


No matter how organised we think we’ve been there is always something we forget or need to change round at the last minute, and this can cause unwanted holiday stress at a time when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself.

When you arrive on an Amazon Creek Luxury Vacation whether you've booked a self-catered or fully serviced break with us, our resort manager and chalet/villa teams are available to help make sure your holiday is running smoothly. The team will be on hand to plan any last-minute activities, restaurant reservations, or extra in-chalet services you may require. No matter what your need you can count on our dedicated team to be there to take the stress away.


High level time management and planning solutions help to solve all your logistical or planning concerns taking all these details out of your hands you just need to turn up and we take care of everything else. We are experts in the little details, so you can simply relax and let us deal with the logistics. 

This can be of particular importance when organise large corporate or group events. And with over 12 years experiences hosting group events, whether the focus is on work, reward or entertainment, we work seamlessly in the background before and during your event to ensure that you have a constructive, yet leisurely experience. Every moment of your stay is planned down to the finest detail, ensuring that all the logistical details are taken care of. We take all the stress of organising the event away from you, so that you and your team can focus on the job at hand.