Amazon Creek's Watersports package in Sete

Are you always looking for something 'extra' special from your summer holiday? Do you want to get the kids to try something new, or even have a go yourself? Or are you seeking to explore a town from a different perspective?

Did you know, when you book a luxury villa escape to Sete with Amazon Creek, we include a complimentary watersports package aboard Petite Amazon Creek, our speed boat?!

From June until September we offer four complimentary sessions on our SeaRay 220 (weather dependant). The activities are extensive; ranging from water-skiing, wake-boarding and ringo-ing, sunset lagoon cruises or even just a gentle ride through the fascinating canals of Sete; arriving to a water-side cafe, or restaurnat to enjoy a glass or vino in style!

As we start looking forward to the warmer, longer summer days of 2018, we got together with Andy and Hayley, our Villa Manager and Water-sports Host from Sete, to discuss the benefits and activities that you can take part in during your holiday with Amazon Creek. When you book either of our beach villa's, Villa Frankie or Villa Freya this service is included. Here is what they had to say about the service and some frequently asked questions:

Can you first tell us how we arrange our time on the boat?

  • Andy: Upon arrival to the villa, after a welcome toast of champagne and a tour of the property, Hayley and I will go through the weather forecast with you and discuss what times we recommend to ensure safety and of course the most fun for your group. You can tell us what you want to do, and we will book the first two slots of the week accordingly. This allows for both Villas to have equal chance of optimum conditions.

Where is the boat kept?

  • Hayley: The boat is kept in the nearby marina. Each morning, I prepare the boat for the desired needs of the day, whether it be with the sunbathing platform up, or the tow pole for water-skiing, it is set for your individual requirements. I then drive the boat to an easily accessible pick-up jetty in the mouth of the marina. This is approximately a ten minute walk from the villa along the promenade, or a five minute cycle ride if you wish to bring the bikes and lock them up. A member of the Amazon Creek team will always walk you down to the jetty on the first day you have scheduled. Don’t forget your suncream!

What can be done on the boat?

  • Hayley: The boat is ideal for Sete. With a collapsible canopy, we can take a relaxed ride through the canals, stop off alongside a cafe, or continue through Sete into the lagoon behind. We can’t tow in the lagoon unfortunately, however we can drop you off to a restaurant for lunch at St Clair, famously known for its Oysters, or for a day trip to Meze; some fishing, or visit to the 8km span of Oyster beds. Alternatively, we can leave in the warm early evening and enjoy the stunning sun set over the Etang de Thau, and drop you off to sample a wonderful dinner setting with exceptional wine and service at one of the near by restaurants.

  • Andy: With the rest of your allocated sessions why not discover something new or sharpen a few old moves! We have wakeboards, skis and mono-skis suitable for anyone above the age of 6 who wants to get out on the water. The Mediterranean weather makes Sete an ideal spot for beginners with its tranquil waters. Alternatively, we have a single ringo for those wanting an adrenaline filled day. I feel it is also the perfect way to become accustom to being behind a boat to build confidence of the younger children; for this we allow Mum or Dad to join them in the ringo.


Is it possible to go on the boat even if I just want to watch?

  • Hayley: Of course! We recommend 4 people plus a driver on the boat at any time if we are towing although it is up to you who goes in the water! This is for the safety of our clients as well as the peak performance of the boat. If you are opting for a cruise in which we won’t hit high speed, the boat will comfortably take 8.

What do we need to bring?

  • Andy: We have buoyancy aids to fit all sizes and wetsuits if you opt for one. All of the equipment is on the boat ready for you, and we will do a size check at the villa before your first boat trip. There after it is all stored on the boat for the duration of your stay. So from the villa you should take with you some blue spa towels, sun cream, water and maybe a light jumper in early May/September, for those who are not going swimming it may a little breezy.

And lastly, Hayley, what was your favourite moment from last summer season?

  • Every day on the water, being in the sun, watching people learn something new, it’s a great job! However there are always those special moments that I will never forget. It was a particularly windy week towards the end of last season, and I was teaching a 6 and 8 year old how to water-ski for the first time. On the last day of the holiday, after persistence throughout the week and in unfavourable conditions for beginners, both of the children were able to stand up on the ski's. They finished their holiday proud they could water-ski. A smile that big on all of the family’s faces is priceless.

Amazon Creek team look forward to welcoming you to Sete this summer for more fun on the water!

Our watersports program also includes the use of kayaks, paddle boards and bikes; Arrange the use of the villa equipment with our resort team on arrival.