Ten reasons you’ll love our Languedoc, Séte villas

So you're off on holiday and you've decided Languedoc is the place for you this year! What's even better is you've chosen to visit one of our Villas - Villa Freya or Villa Frankie!

Both villas are located in Languedoc on the beachfront and are as beautiful as you're imagining right now! Sleeping 10 people each and sitting right next door to each other you can take the whole family (even if you have a 'Home Alone' sized one). By booking both villas we can accomodate an amazing 20 people! Between the two villas, you'll find an abundance of en-suite bedrooms. Each has a swimming pool, sauna,  gym, and  cinema room - how's that for luxury?!

Languedoc has never looked so inviting! But if all this still doesn't have your bags packed, here, as promised are 10 reasons you'll love our Languedoc Villas!

1. Languedoc

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Languedoc is one of those hidden gems! Not many people know or even talk about the place but those that have been here, know, just how beautiful the place really is! Languedoc borders the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south and if those two views aren't magical enough you just have to take a look at the surrounding areas. Benefiting from a beautiful 'Mediterranean' climate and rich in wildlife, this gem, is one we should all experience! Languedoc also possesses a number of World Heritage sites, such as; Carcassonne (Citadel), the Canal du Midi (241 km long canal), and even the Pont du Gard (Roman Aqueduct)!

Quick History

Languedoc is a former province of France. The region used to be called the 'county of Toulouse' a county that was independent of the kings of France. The Languedoc government was created in the middle of the 16th century. In more recent years it has become a popular holiday destination for the French with it's long sunny days, Mediterranean beaches, tourist facilities and thousands of miles of walks and rides, as well as National parks and nature reserves!

Languedoc by Numbers

Population: 2.727 million approx
Area: 17,010 sq mi
Highest Average Temperature: 28.4°
Lowest Average Temperature: 12.4°
Coastline Length: 110 mi

2. Local Towns

Surrounding Languedoc are plenty of small, peaceful towns and villages, each one as beautiful as the next. Some of these towns include Montpellier, Gard, Sète and plenty more!


A small port town on the French Med coast with a tiny population of around 43,000, known as Cette until 1928. The small town is often referred to as 'the Venice of Languedoc', built on and around Mont St Clair, Sete is situated on the south-eastern hub of the Bassin de Thau, an enclosed salt water lake used primarily for oyster and mussel fields, throughout the town is a network of canals which link between the Etang de Thau and the Mediterranean Sea. The temperatures in Sete are as expected for a town bordering the Mediterranean Sea, with average highs of 27.8° and a record high of 41°, where-as the average low is only around 5° and the record low is a freezing -12°! With all the water surrounding Sete it's no wonder the town has become known for fishing and as you'd expect you can travel the canals by boat and stop off at the fish restaurants along the way for some of the best tasting fish you have ever had! So whether you're just looking for a quaint, quiet and fun town or if you're looking for a fishing experience and a bite to eat, Sete is a great location for a trip out!


 Montpellier is a city in Southern France. It's the capital of Languedoc and the 8th largest city in France, it's also the fastest growing city in the country in the past 25 years. With a population of approx 580,000, Montpellier is known for its significant Spanish population, heritage, and influence. Boasting one of the oldest universities in the world, having been founded in 1160! Montpellier much like it's surrounding towns is a fairly quiet and peaceful place to visit, nightlife can sometimes change this because of the 70,000 approx. students that call Montpellier their home. Montpellier also boasts having been the finish of Stage 11 and the departure of Stage 12 in 2007 Tour de France. Enjoy the markets, nightlife and the beautiful cafes while basking in the warm Mediterranean sun.


Gard is a small department in Southern France in the Languedoc region. The department was named after the River Gardon. With the beautiful Pont du Gard as a main tourist attraction and sight-seeing must, the Roman aqueduct crosses the Gardon River in the south of France and is a UNESCO World heritage Site. Teeming with small, tidy villages with cut-stone houses and beautiful surroundings, Gard may be quiet but that doesn't take away it's appeal as a beautiful tourist attraction with it's mountainous landscape and less Mediterranean feel. The food is Gard improves in the mind of many visitors who claim the food in Gard to be exquisite.

3. Range of Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife

The areas surrounding Villas Freya and Frankie are usually quiet but can as with many tourist destinations get busy towards the summer. To enjoy a night of fine dining and drinking, you don't even have to leave the complex but that's all dependant on if you want to see the sights while you have fun. So it's your choice, relax at the villa or hit the towns!


The food over in France has always been regarded as high standard but the food in the smaller towns that you don't hear of very often can blow most place out of the water! Languedoc has it's fair share fo exquisite restaurants, all of which will have you wanting to go back! Surrounding the Villa and in the local town there are more than a handful of highly recommended restaurants that you MUST try!

Just out the front door of both Villas and on the beach front you might find La Voile Rouge, the menu here is extensive and there are a few highly recommended dishes you 'must try', one of which is the 'Voile Rouge Burger'. La Voile Rouge know that presentation is everything and they don't let you down, the food served is aways well presented and of a high quality. If you like a drink with your meal, then they have an excellent selection of French wines on offer.

If you travel a little further, you might come across A La Corniche, a highly recommended "lovely restaurant". The view from the restaurant may be next to non-existent but that doesn't mean the food isn't great and even better all very well priced. With offers and deals on the menu as well as your expected meals, you can pick up a starter, main and dessert for a great price of anything from €16 upwards. Just a 15/20 minute walk from both Villas Freya and Frankie.

And if you wish to travel into Sete, you will find an abundance of highly recommended and packed restaurants. One of which is Terre et Mer, a very reasonably priced place to visit. The view again isn't great but the food more than makes up for that, with some of the best tasting food you will ever bless your stomach with, as well as great food the prices won't burn a hole in your wallet and best of all the staff are friendly and make the experience more than pleasurable. We recommend booking in advance as the restaurant can get very busy at times - a must visit!

Some of the food in Languedoc is amazing and some of the local cuisine although 'strange' to some is just as beautiful! Some dishes you might come across during your visit are:

  • Maquerau an Tomates et Thym (Mackerel with thyme & tomatoes)
    (Fresh mackerel rubbed with olive oil baked with herbs and served topped with pureed tomatoes.
  • Artichauts Forestiers au Vin Blanc (baked Artichokes stuffed with mushrooms, herbs and then topped with cheese and bread crumbs in white wine)
    Artichokes picked you and tender; stuffed and baked to perfection.
  • Gateau Moelleux aux Peche (Light dessert with peaches)
    Golden French peaches topped with a light sponge mixture, baked the turned upside down and served (usually) with cream.

For anyone not too keen on fish or not willing to dive into the local cuisine then you will find plenty of restaurants catering your average 'normal' meals.


Bars are not too common an occurrence surrounding the Villas, with many of the bars being part of restaurants rather than full blown just alcohol bars. If you're a partier, though, don't worry, you're covered, just a short distance away from Sete and the Villas you'll find Montpellier which with its rough population of 70,000 students has become an area known for its young culture. But if even this isn't your scene then you could always head down to the strip of nightclubs on the route de Palavas in Lattes. The string of nightclubs is easily found as they often have taxis and a night bus (until 5 am - You might not even need a taxi home) running to and from the strip, so if you're here for the crazy nights, you'll find you're home from home here!


The general nightlife in Languedoc isn't CRAZY but also doesn't mean it's boring. Languedoc has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife with plenty of surrounding towns also adding to the attraction of nightlife and bar owners. Nightlife surrounding the Villas isn't all that bad, you might have the occasional bit of noise but then again where wouldn't you, during the off seasons the nightlife dies down considerably and becomes a lot more quiet with the local bars and restaurants even quieting down (other than the locals). Being a beach front property means that you're going to encounter a few people during the hotter months when people are using the beaches. The city does however never die and the nightlife is always active no matter how quiet it does get. Most of the city's best venues lie in the suburbs, with music bars and clubs open till late. While visiting let's say you'll never have trouble drinking and dancing with the number of venues. Depending on when you're visiting you might even catch one of the festivals that occur in Languedoc, you'd have to check the dates, but these are huge attractions and always produce a good crowd.

4. Summer Activities

Whether you're going alone, with friends or if you're taking the family and children, Languedoc is never short of thing to do. Whether you're a sightseer, lounger or a full-on adventurer. You're never going to be short of things to do. Visiting in the summer allows a wider range of activities with the sea being a major factor in just about all of them, but don't fret, if the water isn't for you, we still have plenty to offer. As the Villas are on the beachfront, we imagine you'll be spending a lot of your time there, so we'll start with what the villa and beach have to offer.
The Villas have their own speedboat for water skiing or trips along the coast or through the canals of Sete. There are also paddle-boards, kayaks and mountain bikes of all sizes.  Sunbathing and splashing in the sea are the obvious choice but if you fancy something a little more exciting, you could take a stroll on the beach and you will find a shop or stall renting everything from Jetskis, wind-surfing, scuba diving and much more! Where-as the more-quiet of us might enjoy a fishing trip or maybe even just a boat trip around the coast. Like we said, if the water isn't your domain then head inland and check out some of the wildlife at the nature parks or even the children's farms and even the dinosaur parks (yes we know! They might not be real dinosaurs but they're still fun).
If you're with the children, then the Haribo factory is a must, right?! You can also explore the mountainous side of Languedoc as you head inland and discover caves and tiny villages! For the older explorers, you might just be happy checking out all the local building and architecture, perhaps even visit some of the local landmarks such as the Pont Du Gard or the Cana du Midi.

So whether you're one for the adventure of the mountains, a lover of wildlife or even just one that loves to relax and take in the scenery, Languedoc has everything to offer!

5. Airport Travel

There are five airports located in Languedoc, two of which are within a reasonable distance to the Villas (both being roughly 50 minutes drive), Montpellier–Méditerranée Airport (Aéroport de Montpellier–Méditerranée or Fréjorgues Airport), is one of the two airports you'll likely land at. The airport opened in 1946 and is located 7 km east/southeast of Montpellier in Mauguio, in the Hérault department of Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. The airport carries the 10th largest number of passengers in France (1.18 million in 2010). Montpellier–Méditerranée airport is quite large and more than capable of dealing with the surge of passengers it sees in the summer. The second airport you might find yourself landing at is Béziers Cap d'Agde Airport (or Béziers-Vias Airport). Béziers Cap d'Agde Airport is an airport serving the town of Béziers and the nearby Languedoc coastal resorts such as Cap d'Agde. The airport is located 11.5 km east/southeast of Béziers, near Vias in the Herault department of Languedoc. The airport only has one paved runway but is capable of dealing with commercial national flights as well as private, non-regular air traffic, the new runway (expansion completed in 2007) is capable of handling the Boeing 737-sized jets that low-cost carriers seem to favour. You're likely to find a few major car hire companies but we recommend avoiding these as you aren't likely to know the ways of the road. You will find taxi ranks and bus stops outside and most flights now come with coach transfer between the airport and your destination.

6. Villas Stand In Private Grounds

Both Villas; Frankie and Freya stand on their own private ground surrounded by their very own manicured gardens in a luxurious and peaceful part of Languedoc. Both Villas easily sleep 8-10 people in 5 en-suite spacious bedrooms. The villas sit on the beach front so every morning you can wake up to the beautiful view of sea, sand and sun! The villas aren't located in the middle of a busy town and so you shouldn't find too many people wandering by late at night. As well as this the location means you're able to stay at home while watching the children play on the beach! So you and your company can rest knowing that the party goers won't be along soon to wake and disturb you.

7. Added Bonuses


There is just so much to do during your stay with us in Villas Freya and Frankie. We've even got an added bonus to your luxurious and beautiful villa and that's the inclusion of 'le petit amazon creek', our speedboat! Now you can try your hand at water-skiing, wakeboarding or even just take a cruise around Sete. The boat is shared between the two villas but we're sure that's not too big of a problem, right? Included with each villa are also complimentary kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and even mountain bikes in case anyone somehow (We're not sure how you would...) get's bored! Or you can just kick your crocs off and lounge in the gardens on the sun loungers for the day and soak up the sun!

8. Rent as a Group

Whether you're travelling with friends or family, we have room for you all! With each Villa housing 10 people in 5 en-suite bedrooms and being situated right next door to each other, the two can be booked together and used between one group (So you don't have to leave grandma at home this year). Languedoc has more than enough to offer all age groups, from children to adults. Each Villa has it's own cinema room, so even when you aren't heading into town or playing on the beach, the children can entertain themselves.

9. Added Features

We know holidays can be stressful and we've taken every step to reduce this stress with our villas. Both come with a range of staff to help with cooking, cleaning and everything in between. Eating and drinking while visiting has to be your main concern and with our private chef available, your dining experience will never be lacking flavour again! Preparing breakfast, lunches and evening meals for the whole group. We also our own nannies, so when you're busy working on the laundry or packing up what's needed for the day out, you can be sure your children are in good hands. To ensure everything runs smoothly during your stay, you might see a lot of the Villa Manager, they're there to ensure everything is as expected and to answer any questions you may suddenly have. Don't worry about the mess around the villa either, we know children are messy (adults are too, we just pretend not to be), we offer a daily housekeeping service as well as a concierge service. So everything you could possibly need is catered for!

10. Facilities

Each villa comes with its own private facilities, these are all for your own use during your stay and should ideally be utilised as it's not every day you get your own cinema! With two king sized master bedrooms and an additional 2 king sized twin bedrooms, you can rest in luxury. We have a ton to add to keep you entertained, this included;

  • Cinema Room - Both villas - Freya and Frankie - offer their own private cinema room for your enjoyment, with a huge screen and surround sound for your viewing pleasure.
  • Plasma, DVD players and iPod docking - All bedrooms come fully equipped with all these extras! All living areas also boast large plasma screens, so if the cinema room is full, you can relax in peace and watch your favourite shows.
  • Wifi - The villa also comes equipped with great WiFi throughout, so you're always connected no matter where you go, we know how important that is now!
  • Sauna and Gym - Each villa also offers a sauna and gym completely for your own personal use. So if you're a gym nut you don't have to miss those valuable workouts during the holiday.
  • Swimming pool - Whenever you don't fancy the beach, you can always head outside and check out the glass-walled swimming pool we have, it's great for keeping you cool during the hotter days when you don't want to explore all that Languedoc has to offer.
  • 'Le Petit Amazon Creek' - Don't forget the exclusive use of our speedboat, kayaks, stand up paddle-boards and even mountain bikes. All for your own personal use during your stay.