A Private Chef is the secret recipe for a dreamy winter holiday

After a few hours of quality family time, the children are worn out and sound asleep, what a relief! I’m so glad we’re going to be able to enjoy a night with friends, without the hassle of venturing out for dinner.

As the curtains part company this morning, I’m greeted by a sight which, like every morning, leaves me breathless. I’ve had the pleasure of living here for a week and the natural surroundings still manage to leave me in awe. 

The chalet is surrounded by a grove of alpine trees, which are generously sprinkled with fresh snow from the night before. In the distance, a collection of mountains stretch towards the sky. With the morning sun peeping over the top, reminding me just how wonderful nature truly is.

The gentle clinking of porcelain from the kitchen draws my thoughts back inside the chalet. The sound can only mean one thing; the chalet host is setting the table, ready for the delectable morning surprises the private chef has prepared. I can hear the children laughing and cheering, excited for the day of adventure which lies ahead of them. While still wrapped in my duvet, I hear a little chat, which signifies the arrival of our chauffeur to organise the daily belongings. My day is already preparing itself while I’m still cocooned in bed, unwilling to move… at least not for another five minutes!

I eventually manage to step out of bed, as the bedroom door opens and I am greeted with the smell of breakfast wafting up from the kitchen. My excitement builds as I near the kitchen; I can’t help myself from guessing what amazing treats await me. Before I reach the table, the children dart towards me and gift me with a morning cuddle. It’s in these small moments where you realize that luxury doesn’t just exist in the unique decor which surrounds us, but it also lives in beautiful experiences and moments of pure enjoyment like this.

I’m perched at the top of the table; what’s laid out in front of me is a breakfast banquet fit for royalty. I see plates of locally sourced cured meats and cheeses as well as freshly baked croissants and jams. To accompany the morning banquet, the chalet host presents me with a fresh fruit smoothie. While the private chef explains the edible works of art he is about to create, I do my best to listen while simultaneously trying to decide which delicacy I am going to spoil myself with first.

After the day of exploring the mountains as a family, our chauffeur promptly whisks us back to the chalet. Our adventures have built up an appetite! We come home to find afternoon tea and an assortment of cakes to enjoy. The chalet chef has prepared some traditional French chocolate éclairs. It’s great to take a few moments to relax on the sofa as a family after such an action-packed day.

After a few hours of quality family time, the children are worn out and sound asleep, what a relief! I’m so glad we’re going to be able to enjoy a night with friends, without the hassle of venturing out for dinner.  While the host is preparing the chalet for the evening ahead, the only thing I have to worry about is what to wear. If only everyday life was this stress-free all of the time!

The living area begins to fill with laughter, friendly conversation. the chalet host is delivering champagne and canapes to our guests as they relax by the open fire. The first canape I try is duck with tangerine and radish salad, which tastes divine. Next, I sample some cured salmon and pickled beetroot with wasabi tartar, it tastes just as wonderful as the first. After enjoying our champagne we are called to the dining table for our evening meal.

My partner and I spend the entire dinner laughing and celebrating a truly luxurious holiday experience in the company of loved ones. Tonight, we are being treated to a fillet of hot salmon, which has been perfectly complemented with poached langoustine confit fennel, a crushed potato cake and a roasted shell bisque. The chef has specially prepared a vegan crushed potato cake for a friend who is amazed by the consideration and care which has been put into catering for her requirements.  While our taste buds are being spoilt with amazing food, our seemingly bottomless wine glasses are being refilled with some of the finest French red wine available. As the main courses draw to a close, we are all eagerly anticipating what treats await us for dessert. We’re all gifted with a beautiful pairing of iced strawberry parfait and coconut & lime pannacotta, which leaves everyone at the table fully satisfied and delighted.

Once the evening festivities are over, it’s finally time to retreat to the bedroom. It suddenly dawns on me that in a few days I will be taken away from my winter kingdom and I’ll have to once again deal with everyday reality. I sigh at the thought of not having my morning coffee delivered to me in bed and having the responsibility of preparing my own dinner. Surely my suitcase is big enough for the private chef?