Amazon Creek's travel tips when travelling with Children

When travelling as a family or with little ones here are a few tips to make travel as a family fun and a little easier (if that is at all possible!)

Here at Amazon Creek we can take away all th stress of planning your holiday with our pre arrival concierge service. We can even offer you advice on how to choose between our hand picked luxury locations, but one thing we can't do is make the journey with young children easier. What we can do however is offer our top tips for making the journey more bearable. 

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Entertainment - Even though technology is taking over and the iPad is a treasure for the plane, play I-Spy, count the red cars, sing some songs, take some small books, coloring books and pencils, kids still love these simple games!

For an easy way to keep them occupied throug the airport print our this handy airport scavenger hunt!

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Safety in numbers - If you are planning a holiday with friends try to travel together, and pre-book your seats to sit together, this instantly distracts them from technology and they will entertain themselves through the airport on there exciting adventure!

Don't forget...... - Baby wipes, even if they are out of nappies they come in good use for all the family. A night light for the night time terrors, Calpol or Ibuprofen which can be a savior in the middle of the night. A few plastic spoons for babies, most hotels and restaurants will not have these.

Remember it is an adventure - Step into your little ones shoes and think back to being a kid and going on holiday, it is an adventure for them every step of the way it is exciting, and even more so when you reach your destination. If you get stressed due to delays or them getting dirty then so will they, they sense it and will react, so let them enjoy the journey, let them getting mucky, and TRY to travel stress free!!

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