10 reasons why 'Villa Luna' is one of the most luxurious places you'll ever stay!

Villa Luna is the perfect luxury villa destination - whether that be for a family or just a group of friends and we're going to give you 10 reasons why 'Villa Luna' is one of the most luxurious places you'll ever stay!

1. Island of Corsica

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Corsica is regarded as one of the most luxurious Islands in the Mediterranean and comes with a label of 'exclusivity' attached to it! With beautiful beaches, towns and amazing weather, Corsica is the ultimate summer destination!

Quick History

In around 1975, Corsica was split into two 'departments'; these were Haute-Corse (Known as Upper Corsica) and Corse-du-Sud (Southern Corsica), Since 1284, Corsica was ruled by the Republic of Genoa, the island then briefly became its own republic; the Corsican Republic from 1755 to 1769, when the French annexed the island. Corsica still has many ties with Italian culture even today! Belonging to France and located west of the Italian peninsula, southeast of French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia, mountains make up two-thirds of the island, forming a single chain. Corsica is one of the 18 regions of France.

Corsica in Numbers

Population: 350,000 approx.
Area of Island: 3,350 sq mi.
Highest Average Temperature: 29.3°C
Lowest Average Temperature: 3.9­°C
Coastline Length: 600 mi

2. Overlooking Palombaggia Beach

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Villa Luna overlooks the beautiful Palombaggia beach! Voted one of the best beaches in France (according to TripAdvisor reviews), even an article by the Mail Online mentions Palombaggia beach as a beautiful place to stay and have lunch. Palombaggia beach ranks amongst the top beaches in Corsica. A protected natural site, the long stretch of white sand - almost 1.2 miles long - draws thousands of visitors per month, all eager to experience the natural beauty and unique atmosphere. With amazing crystal-clear water that gradually deepens, revealing some reef formations. During summer, Palombaggia beach can become crowded as many beaches do, but given it's a huge stretch of sand you can always head further south down the beach to the least busy areas and find yourself a spot with ease! Villa Luna overlooks all of this so you can easily plan your day before heading down to the beach, finding your spot in the morning as you wake up to one of the most beautiful views you will ever lay your eyes on! Palombaggia beach offers a ton of activities - snorkeling, sea kayaking, jet-skiing, scuba diving and even pedal boating - so the chances of getting bored while visiting are next to impossible.

3. Nearby Towns

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Villa Luna is located near the trendy towns of Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, both of which are communes in the Corse-du-Sud (Southern Corsica) department of Corsica.


Porto-Vecchio hosted the starting stages of the Tour de France 2013. Porto-Vecchio is a medium-sized port city with an excellent harbour, offering a unique mix of unspoilt beaches along the south coast and some breathtaking mountain scenery. Bustling with vibrant cafes, bars and restaurants, designer boutiques, hotels and well-equipped marina attracting international yachts. Porto-Vecchio radiates Corsica's reputation as the 'Island of Beauty ad Contrasts', Porto-Vecchio has become a highly desirable tourist resort (especially popular with Italians) for those visitors that just want to kick back and relax or even for those that wish to party the night away! If relaxing in town or on the surrounding beaches isn't your style, then you can always heading inland and explore the mountains, full of caves, pools and waterfalls, you can enjoy a huge variety of activities - including mountain climbing, rock climbing, swimming in rock pools, picnicking, horse riding, quad biking and even visiting traditional Corsican mountain villages (Zonza) for lunch!


Bonifacio was the location for the French leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Bonifacio draws people from all over the world as well as all over Corsica to its beautiful setting to marvel at its medieval houses teetering on the edges of carved and worn limestone cliffs. Bonifacio's Old Town, is packed with a labyrinth of narrow streets and historic buildings ranging in age. Founded in 828 AD by Count Bonifacio of Tuscany, its natural harbour 'bears a striking resemblance to the home of the Laestrygonians referred to in Homer's Odyssey of the 7th century BC. The marina is always filled with impressive yachts and is lined with chic bars, restaurants and hotels. Also home to several unspoiled Corsican beaches as well as staggeringly beautiful mountains! The tranquil azure waters nearby are suited to swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The more action savvy and thrill seeking can make use of the consistent winds at the tip of the island that attract windsurfers and kite surfers! Just like Porto-Vecchio, a walk inland will bring you to the beautiful mountains and you can avoid the mayhem of tourism by taking a slow peaceful walk through the mountains.

4. Range of Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife

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The areas surrounding Villa Luna are all teaming with wonderful bars, restaurants and nightlife! Villa Luna offers its own delights to cooking but when you fancy that something special you can head out and relax at one of the local restaurants or perhaps, go crazy and hit one of the local bars!


The local areas surrounding Villa Luna have their share of unique bars and places to go and have a drink with your friends or family. some of the most well-known and respected bars can be found in the various towns surrounding Villa Luna,'Chez Tao' is one of such bars, established in Calvi in 1935 by an exiled Russian aristocrat and was the first place of it's kind on the island. Formerly home to Napoleon Bonaparte's godfather.

In the nearby town of Porto-Vecchio, you can find Le Patio, a large stone courtyard in which you'll find the multi-purpose open-air bar. Here guests can lounge around in one of the most comfortable seating areas and dine ion tapas, sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail or get involved around the DJ podium.

Le Point de Vue is located on the sixth floor of Porto-Vecchio's Hotel Aleyon, Le Point de Vue offers stunning panoramic views of the nearby gulf and surrounding landscape. This bar is one of the most elegant and luxurious you may come across in Corsica and the vantage point from the balcony only goes and adds to the appeal. All samplings of meat, cheese and wines are curated by resident sommelier Patrick Fioramonti!

One of the last mentionable bars (there are plenty more- but we're sticking with four) is Le Cellier, below a restaurant and hotel in nearby town, Bonifacio, on the southern tip of Corsica. Descending the stairs will have you emerge into a bar housed in what was once a 13th-century chapel, it's ancient walls all still intact. The usual accompaniments of charcuterie and cheeses can be enjoyed with your wine or chosen drink.


Corsicans (Corsica natives) take their food very seriously. This means that standards in restaurants are usually always very high. Wild boar is possibly Corsica's most celebrated dish (Sanglier on the menu). Meat dishes are usually served with pasta or polenta, a few of the most popular and potentially most common dishes you may find in Corsica are:

  • Civet de sanglier (Wild boar casserole)
    Arguably, the signature dish of Corsica. This is a rich, hearty casserole with the “gamey” flavour of boar, mixed with onions, carrots, garlic, chestnuts, fennel and generous quantities of eau de vie and, of course, red wine forms a fundamental part of the recipe.
  • Veau aux olives (Veal with olives)
    A popular slow-cooked stew, full of flavour with tender veal, olives, tomatoes, onions and herbs from the maquis as well as a generous dash of white or rosé wine
  • Agneau Corse (Corsican lamb)
    Usually, slow roasted with whole garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and potatoes, this traditional dish seldom needs accompaniments!

For those not too willing to try something new, you'll find most restaurants and cafe's serve pizza, salads are some of your more common dishes.
Some of the best restaurants to be found near Villa Luna are;

Le Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa - If you're looking for gourmet French cuisine in an idyllic setting then look no further than Le Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa. The restaurant is a small family-run property you'll find on the waterfront with it's very own private beach, jetty and kitchen garden where restaurant ingredients are grown! Found in Porto-Vecchio a short distance Villa Luna. Chef Pascal Cayeux bases his French and Corsican dishes around fresh and seasonal produce.

L'Archivoito - A unique restaurant that resembles an antique shop more than it does a restaurant, all of which is very befitting of Bonifacio Old Town. The restaurant is bursting with collectables (many of which you may find are for sale!) and lit delightfully by candlelight, the atmosphere is mellow and rather intimate. The food is all of good quality and the Bonifacien speciality cuisine is also very good!


Nightlife surrounding Villa Luna can become hectic in the months of July/August as with all summer holiday destinations. This is down to the fact that during these months the temperatures shoot up and people love to party by the beach when the weather is that good! Porto-Vecchio nightlife can really take off, transforming the town from a quiet and enjoyable (for everyone) destination to an enjoyable by day - party at night type of town. You'll find dressed-to-impress Italians mingling with plenty of other tourists flooding the towns for pre-clubbing drinks. The bars usually stay open until around 2 am during these periods and clubs often open until the early hours of 5 am! But don't let all the noise put you off visiting during the peak months! If you want the sun but don't wish to run into the groups hitting the bars then you're in luck because the Villa is close enough for you to walk but also far enough for them not to disturb you! During the other months, you'll find Porto-Vecchio to be pleasant and quite place that even your gran could enjoy with the main nightlife being cafe based!

5. Summer Activities

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No matter what time of year you decide to visit Corsica, you'll always find something awesome to do! Visiting in the summer always allows more activities with the sea being utilised but if you plan to visit during one of the off-seasons perhaps during February, don't worry! Corsica is one of those places you can visit and find something to do no matter what, you could head down to the beach just meaning to have a sit-down and not do anything and we can guarantee you'll find something to do! With beautiful beaches covering most of the coast, this is the number one thing people find themselves doing. Whether you have kids and take them or whether you go on your own, the beach is an awesome place, sunbathe, go for a swim or just sit and take in the sights! If you're visiting during one of the hotter months, you might find plenty of people in the water. The water activities during the hotter months are endless! You'll find places scattered all over the place to sign up for jet-skiing, wind surfing, snorkeling, boat trips, fishing trips and so much more! With crystal clear waters, snorkeling and scuba diving near reefs are always a hit, but if you're more of an adrenaline junkie then get on the jet-skis and show off your skills, or maybe you just want to chill out and relax, get the rods ready, hire a boat and head on out into the open waters - We recommend glass bottomed boats as they allow children and adults the awesome view under the water! Don't think the activities stop there! If you don't fancy heading towards the sand and water then you could always turn in the opposite direction and head inland. Inland Corsica offers plenty of mountains, there you can take a leisurely walk, or you can try your hand at the more difficult rock climbing on offer. And then again maybe you don't fancy heading in either direction! You could always stay local and play a round of golf or tennis at a local club or venue.

So whether you want to get sand in your shoes and play in the water, fancy something a little more challenging or just fancy staying local, Corsica has everything for you!

6. Airport Travel

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Figari Airport (Figari-Sud Corse Airport or Figari South Corsica Airport) is the airport you'll be arriving at when travelling to Corsica to visit our Villa. The airport is located 3 km northwest of Figari (another commune of the Corse-du-Sud department in France), and 25 km of Porto-Vecchio. The airport is the third largest airport on Corsica and opened in 1975. In 2004, it carried 254,000 passengers, 117,000 between the airport and Paris, 63,000 to Marseille, 34,000 to Nice and 37,000 in charters. The airport is only small but is fully equipped to deal with any incoming surge of tourists. You'll find your way a lot easier than you might at Heathrow or any other big international airport. You'll find a few major car hire companies at the airport, so if you plan on hiring a car you won't have to look too far and the drive to our Villa is a pleasant one (we'd advise asking for directions). Also, if you're a frequent driver, we highly recommend reading up on your French road signs and road laws. Taxis and coaches are also on hand to help with transport to many local destinations.

7. Located in Private Grounds


 The villa sits on a quiet hillside surrounded by amazing scenery and unrivalled sea views. Sleeping up to ten guests in the five en-suite bedrooms. The villa sits in its own private grounds, one of the most luxurious areas in Southern Corsica. The grounds are off from the rest of the tourist paths and towns but aren't a huge distance from civilisation, so should you wish to relax on your own, the grounds are a great place to do so! Being situated in private grounds also means that you won't come across any late night party goers keeping you and your company up all night with their incessant shouting and bawling, so you can rest easy at night knowing you won't be disturbed!

8. Features Included with the Villa

Included with the villa comes, a private chef and hostess, who will cook and serve you scrumptious meals to enjoy 'alfresco' on the terrace. They are also there to ensure everything goes smoothly and to oversee all aspects of your stay while in the resort as well as providing a daily housekeeping service. A complimentary welcome pack awaits you and includes a bottle of Bollinger Champagne, a bottle of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, a complementary selection of Corsican cheeses and charcuterie as well as some basic essentials. A fresh bouquet of flowers will also have been arranged in the villa for your arrival. There is a fresh delivery of bread and pastries each morning, and a mid-week change of towels and linens. Some of the other features of the villa are:

- Sleeps 10
- Private chef and hostess
- Daily housekeeping and concierge service
- Welcome pack including champagne, wine, local charcuterie, cheeses and essentials
- Airport transfers and car rental can be arranged

9. Facilities within the Villa

The villa is packed with facilities for you take advantage of if you choose to do so, from boules pitches to outdoor pools! Here are all the awesome facilities that will become yours upon your stay here at Villa Luna:

- Heated outdoor swimming pool
- Two outdoor hot tubs
- Fully equipped gymnasium
- Outdoor activity area including swings, climbing frame, slide, boules pitch and even a bar!
- Large dining area and relaxation terrace, sun loungers and even a BBQ

During your stay, you'll have access to all of these facilities, most hotels and resorts don't offer all of these things and come as optional extras with charges! So whether you want to get some exercise in the mornings before you hit the sand or whether you fancy just floating around in the pool, we have everything you could possibly need!

10. Bonus Extras

As well as all the above facilities that come with the resort you also have access to these LUXURY EXTRAS:

- Cinema Room: Perhaps you don't fancy heading out for the night, instead you can stay in a watch your favourite movies in luxury with our cinema room.
- Large plasma screen TV, DVD player and Bose iPod station in the main living area: Catch up on the latest soaps or perhaps take a few DVD's with you!
- Plasma screens, DVD players and Bose iPod stations in all bedrooms: This means when you get back from your wild night out, your hangover is cured with the wonders of TV, music and sleep.
- Cable TV and large selection of DVD's: You forgot to bring you DVD's, so now the DVD players are useless!! Wrong! We've provided some for you.
- Wi-Fi: We know how hard it can be without the internet in this day and age, the kids would go crazy without it! So we have great Wi-Fi throughout the villa.
- All Expected Extras: We also provide you with bathrobes, slippers, towels and even a hairdryer, all free to use!


So there you have it! Not only have we just shown you that Corsica is perhaps one of the most luxurious and beautiful places you could visit this year, but we've also shown you, that our Villa is one of the best!