Amazon Creek is Sailing the Atlantic

Follow your dreams of Sailing the Atlantic here as SY Amazon Creek embarks on this epic journey, ready for her season in the Caribbean. Like the idea of a luxury sailing holiday? SY Amazon Creek is available for charter in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.
Sailing the Atlantic

SY Amazon Creek is currently on day 5 of her Atlantic Crossing, where she will be spending the winter season sailing in the Caribbean. Skippered by Abby and crewed by a team of five - Keaton, Matt, Hannah, Charlie and Josh - the yacht left the Canary Islands last week and they are due to arrive in Antigua in early December. You can follow the progress of Amazon Creek on our Facebook page and Instagram, where we'll be posting regular updates of this epic journey.

Whales, Turtles & Light Winds
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Daily reports from the crew confirm that everyone is well and enjoying beautiful weather as they sail further south, chasing the trade winds. So far, they have experienced lovely warm temperatures and spotted whales and turtles. However, the light wind has meant more motoring and slower progress than originally planned so Abby is adjusting the route and expectations as they go. The team's first encounter with stronger winds, unfortunately, resulted in a ripped sail, which then meant a short diversion for repairs and refuelling. Currently in Cape Verde, off the coast of Gambia, for a short pit stop, they will be tackling the main part of the crossing from tomorrow. 


The team are working together brilliantly, taking turns to do 4 hours on duty and 8 hours off, meaning that they can sail fully crewed 24 hours a day plus everyone gets plenty of rest. Essential daily on-board exercise and highly competitive board games are providing plenty of fun while they ride out the light winds. Communications are limited to one email per day as they sail into more remote waters; everyone is thoroughly enjoying the forced disconnect from the 'real world' to fully engage in the job at hand and enjoy the peace and solitude of being at sea. 

Chartering SY Amazon Creek

Caribbean Charters: Get ready to swap grey and cold for turquoise and gold! This beautiful two-cabin yacht will be based in Antigua from December 2019 until May 2020 and is available for charter anywhere in the Caribbean. Have a look at our top pick Caribbean destinations and find out more about the yacht itself. The perfect get away from it all during the European winter, you'll experience a total escape from daily life and indulge in your passion for being at sea. Whether you're an experienced sailor or looking for something new to try with your family, we can provide the crew to support you. Click here for more information and prices. 
We currently still have availability for Christmas and New Year 

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Mediterranean Charters: From May 2020 until September 2020, Amazon Creek will be based in the Mediterranean, where she will be available for charter around some of our favourite European hideaways. Explore the amazing, unspoilt waters of Sardinia and Corsica; from the sea is truly the best way to visit these two beautiful islands. Please make sure you book early as key weeks are reserved up to a year in advance; click here for more information and prices. 
We are currently taking bookings for summer 2020

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